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Social Media Tips for a Digitized World

Setting a Course for Social Media Success

There’s a dark and nebulous shadow world that’s a double of ours–a copy filled with mystery and… many times… evil. But, it’s not the “Upside Down” and this isn’t “Stranger Things”. No, it’s the real world and the dark and shadowy nether world is the digital one we’re building beneath it.

For many people, navigating the intricacies of the social media ocean is like going off the edge of the map. But, we can’t avoid sailing that sea–not realistically–if we want our company or brand to stay relevant. So, think of this blog as your lighthouse and your chart for navigating the dark and turbulent depths.

Build a Social Media Persona and Stick to it

It should come as a surprise to exactly nobody that the voices that stand out on social media are the ones that have an opinion and voice it. Building a social media persona is, therefore, essential. Yes, your company or brand isn’t a person, but it should have consistent thoughts and opinions–just like a person.

Building your social media persona can be as simple as writing up a list of best practices for whoever runs your social to follow. Or, you can go a bit more complex and develop your persona with likes, traits, habits, and a unique voice. For a truly deep dive into how you might go about creating a social media persona, check out this blog from Springboard:

Post Regularly but Post Well

Trust us, we get it, there’s a lot to do in a day and–frequently–posting to social media seems like a chore. Plus, with all the conflicting advice out there on how frequently to post to social: ; it can be more than a little bewildering just to figure out how regularly to post.

The real answer? As often as you have content that’s actually relevant to your audience.

Aim to post at least once a week on all of your channels, notching it up to a maximum of once a day on each channel. If generating weekly content seems daunting, you can also re-share posts relevant to your company or industry as a low-investment way to keep your foot in the door. If even that sounds daunting, you should probably check in to our virtual assistant services.

The Dark Underworld of Social Media

Forgive us a little melodrama, here, but the social media landscape is a legitimately dangerous place. And, while platforms are taking steps to fight disinformation (which you can read about here: ), those efforts are directed towards high-stakes, high-priority topics and known bad actors.

Just as important, to you, is protecting your social media presence. To do so, step one is simply to acknowledge that there’s a problem and be on the lookout for it. So, how big is the problem? Well, Statista indicates that Facebook alone regularly deletes over one and a half billion (yes, that’s a “b”) fake accounts a quarter. That makes about 6 billion a year. The population of the whole planet, by comparison, is under 8 billion. And, with the proliferation of AI software, it’s only going to get easier and faster for bad actors to generate accounts and content.

What can those fake accounts do? Impersonate and misrepresent your business, convince you and your employees to share sensitive information, and–at the least–spam you with a tidal wave of fake messages and notifications that can drive down your rating for responsiveness and engagement.

Strong Strategy Saves All

But, there’s hope. Because, as a conscientious business owner, you’re already thinking about laying out a solid social media persona. That will make it harder for fake accounts to impersonate yours. If people know and love the brand persona you’ve built and posts that really don’t sound right come through, they’ll notice.

Additionally, since you’re now posting regularly, you’ll be able to catch any funny business early and block, report, delete as needed. Because there are so many bot accounts out there, catching them early is your best defense.

If wading through all the social media problems still sounds a bit like skinny dipping with sharks to you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet precisely because the threat is so real. With these tips, however, and especially with the help of a good virtual assistant, you can build a strong, effective, and secure social media presence effectively.


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