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How It Works

Experienced Virtual Assistants and Quality Services

At Strategic Management & Logistics we deliver outstanding results across support areas, tailored to your unique business needs. We offer support on short term, long term and intermittent basis at an affordable price so you can focus on your business goals.

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Get Started with SML


Schedule a consultation and meet online with our CEO Marney Lumpkin.

Together you'll discuss the tasks you need completed and the specific needs of your business.


Receive your detailed support outline including the tasks and price quotes.

Remember we're flexible: we can work with you to fit your budget and deadlines!


Sign our one-page, open contract if we're the best fit for your business!

Contact us with any questions or concerns. We're here to serve!


Get connected to your "point person" Virtual Assistant from our team.

This will be your go-to VA for your tasks, but our whole team is available to you when specific expertise is needed!


Send task details and necessary information to your point person by email or through Zoom.

Your VA will get started on the work and communicate their progress!

Ready to Start with SML?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Chat to See How SML Can Support You!

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