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Resolve to Succeed

Strategies for Accelerating Business and Personal Growth

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about resolutions. That weight loss goal that’s out of reach, trying to cram more of–whatever it is–into the year, kicking that bad habit for the fiftieth time. But not you. No. Because this is the year you resolve to succeed. Pure, simple, way harder than it sounds. We’re going to make it simple, though, because we’re going to focus in on three things anyone can do to resolve to succeed and follow through. Identifying your unique selling proposition, building networks, and using resources effectively.

Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone has one particular skill, ability, or specialty that defines them or their business. It might be the exceptional level of personal care a medical professional renders, the sustainable oils a candlemaker uses, or the candor a business professional brings to every meeting. When you resolve to succeed, step one is identifying what the unique facet of you or your business is. Once you know your unique selling proposition, emphasize it in everything you or your business does. Make it your hallmark and it will make you and your business uniquely memorable.

For a deeper dive into Unique Selling Propositions and how they can help you resolve to succeed, check out this article from some people that know a little about success: American Express

Building Networks

In many ways, it’s easier to connect than it has ever been. The proliferation of social and digital media has put the ability to communicate with the entire world in the hands of virtually everyone in the world. Simultaneously, the “static” caused by that same proliferation has made it harder to communicate effectively than ever. When you resolve to succeed, it’s extremely important for both individuals and businesses to build networks.

Whole books are written on how to manage a social media presence. Contradictory information is literally everywhere. But, it’s surprisingly simple to build networks once you identify your unique selling proposition. When you resolve to succeed, have a point of view and a voice for you or your business. Write it down. Stick with it. This will help you and your business cut through the static and help other people know what you’re about.

That clarity and sense of purpose is attractive in a marketplace awash with transience. Reach out to others with similar ideals and, sooner than you think, your network will have real reach.

Using Resources Effectively

Finally, we get to using resources effectively. If this one feels particularly broad, that’s because it is. However, once you’ve identified your unique selling proposition and started to build networks, using resources effectively begins to naturally fall into place. How? Because you’ll already have an idea of what you want to achieve (success) and how you want to achieve it (with your unique selling proposition). Using resources effectively, therefore, is how you will go about achieving your success.

Remember, you’ve resolved to succeed. So, using resources effectively means using your time effectively and maximizing the benefit of your network by reaching out to friends and businesses in your network that can help support your unique selling proposition.

Think of it like globalism. Support weak spots in your business by bringing in people who are strong in those areas. Perhaps you need someone that can write dynamite social media content or someone else that’s great at graphic design. Building up your “team” with those people–either as a business or personally–is a great move. Nobody is an island, and branching out helps you maximize results.

A great place to start with this, if you haven’t built a network of capable allies yet, is to reach out to a group like SML that provides these same services virtually. You’ll be surprised how much time it gives you back.

Now Succeed

So, there it is, your roadmap to success in 2023. Now, you’ve not only resolved to succeed, you’ve taken the first step to actually succeeding. Remember: identify your unique selling proposition, build networks, and use resources effectively. It makes all the difference.


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