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It Takes a Village (To Build a Business)

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant Agency, Not Just a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a frequent reader of Business Insider, you might have already seen the news about “It Takes A Village”. Long-story short, there is no village. Worse yet, it doesn’t just take a village to raise a kid, it takes a village to build a business. Or, you know, just to be a functioning human. Seriously, nobody is an island. So, the complete absence of a “village” or a “support network”, if you prefer, is pretty bothersome on a number of levels.

What Does That Have to Do With Virtual Assistants?

No lie, we can’t rebuild social structures and support networks for everyone in the world. That’s more than a little bit outside our pay grade. However, Strategic Management & Logistics can be the support network you need to build or grow your business. Why? Because we’re a team.

Virtual Assistant vs. Virtual Assistance Agency

If you have a virtual assistant, they handle the schedule of tasks you set annnnd… that’s pretty much it.

Working with SML means starting with a Virtual Assistant and building up. Your virtual assistant is a dedicated point person that handles most of the day-to-day tasks you need help with, but with SML that’s just the beginning.

We know it takes a village, so we have a whole team on staff that can 1. Cover your tasks if your key virtual assistant gets sick, goes on vacation, life happens. 2. Branch out into areas you need deep experience on: HR, Billing, Social Media, Websites, Blogs… you name it. 3. Handle sudden priority shifts, workload spikes, and all those little unexpected things that come at you out of left field when you’re a small business owner.

Plus, building a team allows us to offer a diverse skill set that no single person can offer. And, along the way, we become your “village”. Your “support network”. The whole thing.

To put it simply, the difference between getting a virtual assistant and getting a Virtual Assistance Agency is the same as the difference between getting an apple and getting a grocery store.

Skip the Flakes, Go for a Pro

Lastly, it just has to be said, the world is sadly full of flakes. People who say they will and won’t. People who say they can and can’t. No secrets here, we’ve all met ‘em. That’s the point. We’ve met them. And, we’ve done the hard work of weeding them out.

SML only employs people who say they’re going to do things and then do them. With SML, you never have to roll the dice on whether you’re getting a strong support network or dead weight.

And, we empower our go-getting team members with a robust set of processes, procedures, and tools to help them keep track of tasks, protect confidential information, fulfill contracts, do billing, and execute on all the other sensitive jobs you wouldn’t want to let go to just anybody. You could say we provide the support network for your new support network.

They say it takes a village. Well, we’ve got your village right here.


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